Laboratory and Hands-on

Schedule of practical sessions.


Lab and hands-on guides:

Laboratory 1. Continuous-time systems modeling in the State-Space.   (2 sessions: 7th March and 14th March)

–¬†Laboratory 2.¬†Discrete-time modeling and system analysis¬†in the State-Space. ¬†¬†(1 session:¬†11th¬†April)

–¬†Laboratory 3. ¬†¬†Session 1. ¬†¬†Session 2. ¬†Controlling a DC motor through state feedback. ¬†¬†(2 sessions:¬†2nd May and¬†9th May)

–¬†Laboratory 4. Implementing a discrete-time control with PLC / Arduino. ¬†¬†(1 session: 16th May)

Laboratory 5.   Control of MIMO systems.   (1 session: 23th May)




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